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"Expansion of a Teenage Drama Queen"

by HeyLookItsSomeDude

Lindsay Lohan comes storming in to Hilary Duff's apartment. It's midnight, in the middle of the summer, and Hilary is startled since she finished filming her next movie, trying to get some sleep, and is loudly interrupted while trying to fall asleep.

"...huh...wha...who are you? what are you doing?" Hilary asks groggily.

"Oh don't play dumb with me," Lindsay says irritated.

"Lindsay? Lindsay Lohan? What the hell are you doing here? In my apartment? In the middle of the night?"

"You know what I'm here for. I'm here to take you out. I'm sick of you getting all the good roles for teenage actresses. You getting all the fame. And especially for you stealing my boyfriend."

"Steal your boyfriend? I didn't steal your boyfriend, he came to me. It's not my fault. He probably left you cause you were getting fat," Hilary insulted back while she prodded the bit of tummy that was hanging over Lindsay's pants. Even though it was midnight, it was also the summer, and in Los Angeles it's pretty hot during the summer, and it's still pretty warm at night. So Lindsay came over dressed in all black; a pair of black denim pants and a tight black tank-top. And Lindsay couldn't deny it either, she had been putting on a lot of weight. When people started criticizing her when she appeared on Punk'd, she finally noticed all the weight she had been putting on. She knows that she was probably 20 to 30 pounds heavier than what she looks in the movies.

"Yeah, that's right. You're a fat pig," Hilary continued with the insults. "Why don't you just go back to your own apartment, and start pigging out because you're depressed that your boyfriend left."

"You little bitch. Just wait, when I get done with you, I think you'll be the one who looks like a fat pig." And with that, Lindsay showed what she was concealing behind her back. It was a hose. A garden hose. And first, she hooked it up to Hilary's faucet, and then came back, and punched Hilary in the face. Hilary fell on the floor, and grabbed her face. Lindsay quickly shoved the hose in Hilary's mouth, and proceeded to look for some tape. She found some duct tape, and went back to Hilary, but to her surprise Hilary was on her feet, the hose out of her mouth, and returned with a punch of her own. Lindsay fell quickly on the floor, and Hilary took advantage by shoving the hose in Lindsay's mouth, and duct taping it shut around her mouth. Lindsay, still hurt and on the ground, began frantically to get the tape off and the hose out. But Hilary went to the faucet, and turned to the water on full blast. Lindsay's face went shocked, her cheeks filled with water, and then it began to slide down her throat. Hilary, breathing heavily, looked at Lindsay with a slight chuckle, and said mockingly, "Looks like your plan backfired. I guess you're just be bigger than ever."

And it really was no lie. Lindsay suddenly stopped tugging at the tape and her hands went down to her belly, which was already slightly exposed, and felt that it was expanding. 'Oh no,' she thought. 'I was supposed to make her blow up like a human water balloon, not me!'

Her belly quickly expanded further, as more water was forced down. She looked like she was pregnant, which was her worst fear as a teenager. She hated imagining herself with a huge stomach, and then she struggled frantically to get the duct tape off, to make her nightmare stop becoming a reality.

Slowly, her stomach was getting bigger and bigger, being filled with the water. It was hard for her to choose between cradling her newly-bloated belly and trying to push it back in, or trying to remove the tape from her mouth. Hilary figured her job was done, that she had won, and so she went to the bathroom to take care of her face. This left Lindsay alone in her predicament. She managed to get herself up, but she struggled to keep balance with her new center of gravity. Her stomach was expanding at a constant rate, and if she didn't get the water stopped soon, she knew she'd be in huge trouble (pin intended). As she fondled with the layers of duct tape, she felt a sudden pain as her jeans stopped giving slack and her belt began cutting into her stomach. She quickly looked down, but her belly was in the way, so she had to guess at where the buckle was. No luck. She couldn't get it off. As her belly grew, the belt kept cutting more and more into her. Luckily for Lindsay, the belt gave way before her gut, and the belt exploded off her jeans, as well as the button on her jeans. The zipper went down, and her belly surged forward as there was no more restraint. It looked much larger now that it was free to expand. Her shirt continued to ride up over the arc of her belly, exposing every bit of belly flesh. Her stomach was huge, and she even felt boobs fill up a little bit.

<br/ >
She finally got the tape off, her stomach must've looked like she overdue with about 4 or 5 babies. Her hips were widened quite a bit to let her belly expand in many directions. Her breats expanded quite a bit as well, and were about double D cups, but there was no restraint there, as she didn't wear a bra. But she managed to walk close to the bathroom, with Hilary just noticing, and actually belly-bumped Hilary to the ground with her now gravid stomach. As painfully for Hilary, it felt extremely weird for Lindsay; moving around a huge belly sloshing full of water. But now instead of duct taping Hilary's mouth, she duct taped Hilary's hands behind her back. Then she proceeded placing the hose in her mouth, and figured there was no need for duct tape now.

Hilary was lying stomach down on the floor, arms and hands behind her back, with a hose in her mouth with water on full blast shooting down her throat. And then she began to feel its effects as well. She soon felt herself rise off the floor a bit as her belly expanded. The carpet was starting to itch her stomach, as she was wearing a small, tight midriff to sleep in, as well as a pair of short-shorts. Since she was shorter than Lindsay, the water got through her a lot quicker. She began to fill up within seconds.

"Oh, yes, Hilary, it looks like the tables have turned. You may have won the battle," Lindsay said as she rubbed her new stomach and patted it. "But you lost the war. I think I'm gonna let you get real big..."

There were practically tears in Hilary's eyes. She was being bloated with water, her stomach getting bigger by the second, and with her hands tied up behind her back, there was nothing she could do but struggle to get free, but she knew even if she did, Lindsay was right there, with a huge belly of her own, to just sit on her and tape her up again. As her face showed a lot of panic, she could easily feel her belly start to spread across the floor as it grew bigger.

"Aww, are you getting too big?" Lindsay said mockingly. "Here, I'll roll you off your big belly so you can see yourself get huge." And Lindsay, with the weight and size of her belly makind it difficult to bend down, eventually got down, and pushed Hilary onto her back. Hilary was now lying on her own hands, so she knew she's never get free now. Lindsay took full advantage of it by doing weird things to freak her out even more.

"Well, Hilary, you brought this on yourself," Lindsay said, where she then began rubbing Hilary's own expanding belly. She placed her hand on the top of Hilary's dome of a belly, and began the mocking. "Oh, did you feel that, I think the baby's kicking! Oo, I feel another one! You're gonna be a good mother, Hilary, I can tell. Oh? What's that you say? You still have many months to go? How big are you gonna get!?" Lindsay began laughing, and her belly started jiggling. She noticed that and stopped. Hilary did indeed look pregnant. Not quite as big as Lindsay, but both she and Lindsay knew that she was going to get a lot bigger. Lindsay began rubbing Hilary's belly once again. Hilary then let out a few moans. Lindsay then took the hose out of Hilary's mouth, for the time being.

"What was that you say?" Lindsay questioned.

"Please, Lindsay, stop, I'm sorry, you win, I get it. You're the better actress, you're the hotter one, you should get all the guys, is that what you want to hear?"

"It is nice to hear, since it is the truth. But you need to be taught a lesson. Don't think you're going to get off easy. Not only did you do everything before, but you also did this," Lindsay said, then pointed to her enormous belly.

"I only did that because you were going to do that to me. Does it matter? We're both huge now. No companies are gonna want us in movies anymore. We're both just water balloons now, the only job we're gonna get is like, roles as pregnant women."

"Well, then, Hilary, I guess you're just gonna have to end up doing jobs like that; once you get down to a reasonable size. I'm a lot bigger than you now, but I won't be for long. I'll shrink down a lot quicker than you. You think I'm big? You don't know what big is. Here, I'll give you your last one of these."

And to what seemed to be the Kiss of Death, Lindsay went face to face with Hilary, and began to make out with her. Hilary couldn't do anything to prevent it, and feeling Lindsay tongue in her mouth was very indifferent for her. She was very worried now; she didn't want her last kiss to be a lesbian-like kiss from her rival teenage actress. After about 30 seconds of passionate kissing, Lindsay got up on her knees again.

"Shucks, Hilary, you're a good kisser," Lindsay said sort of sarcastically.

"Maybe it'd be better if I wasn't filled with water and awaiting my probable doom or life as a human blimp."

"Good analogy. But that doesn't matter now. You're probably gay or bi, anyway," Lindsay laughed, as a final insult. "But now it's time to finish it. You're gonna make that girl from Willy Wonka look like an ant."

And with that, Lindsay shoved the hose back into Hilary's mouth, patted Hilary's stomach, and got up and watched her enemy's stomach and soon to be rest of her body fill with water. Lindsay herself looked liked she was going to pop, her belly was so big. She had to keep one hand on her back to keep her stomach balanced so she wouldn't fall. She watched silently, as she rubbed her own stomach with her other hand, and as Hilary Duff, the girl she grew up with as friends, who was now her most hated rival, blimp out. She decided it would look better if Hilary wasn't lying on the ground, so she managed to help her up, with much difficulty, since Hilary's belly was now almost double the size as Lindsay's, and then Lindsay threw her on a couch. This took a lot of energy out of Lindsay, as she wiped away a brow of sweat and a loose bang of hair from her face.

"Well, this will save you the embarassment of looking like a beached whale on the floor." Lindsay looed at the clock and then down at her stomach. "Damn, looks like I'm gonna have to stay here awhile, it won't be easy trying to drive home in a convertable with a giant belly blocking my way to the steering wheel, let alone me trying to fit in."

Hilary was barely listening, as she was looking down at her belly, with her hands behind her back, struggling, panicing, and she tried to free her hands, but couldn't, and was just worrying about the huge dome of belly that was in her lap, spreading her legs apart slowly. Her belly was gigantic; she looked overdue with who knows how many babies. Like Lindsay, her breasts, too, had begun to get bigger, with some excess fluid exscaping to her boobs.

Lindsay looked on, intrigued. "You know, Hilary...that kiss wasn't that bad. We've got some time to spare..." Hilary looked at Lindsay, kinda worried, but a little turned on inside. Lindsay removed the hose from Hilary's mouth, and once again began making out with her. This is where Hilary and Lindsay finally discovered their true, lesbian emotions.

For the next hour or so, Lindsay amd Hilary began making out, and then periodically putting the hose back in Hilary's mouth. Hilary took up the whole couch, her body had fully expanded, everything engulfed by her huge stomach, so she was basically a huge ball with a head, two hands, and two feet. Lindsay just lied on Hilary's stomach and waited to take the hose out of Hilary's mouth. The tape had long since ripped, by her belly was so large her hands couldn't reach her face anyway. Lindsay actually got a bit jealous of Hilary, and took the hose out of Hilary's mouth, and placed it back in her own.

"Lindsay, what are you doing?"

Lindsay took the hose out of her mouth. "You're just so big, it's turning me on. I want to be like you, now." She put the hose back in her mouth.

"No, Lindsay, don't, just keep the belly you have now. I like you with that big preggo-belly. Let me be your water balloon-babe, and you can have that belly of your own. Please? Put the hose in my mouth again. Just fill my up as large as I can go. I wanna be the biggest water balloon ever! I've always dreampt of something like this. I just never thought it could come true. C'mon, Lindsay. Fill me up. Don't stop until I pop!"

Lindsay removed the hose from her mouth to speak again. "Alright, Hilary, you asked for it. Don't make it seem like I'm small, either. I'm bigger than your average teenage babe."

"You are a babe," Hilary said back.

"And you're my personal blimp. Just let me fill myself up a little more?"

"Fine, but I want yo to be able to walk. One of us has to! All I can do is be rolled like that blueberry girl."

Lindsay was turned on by that image. "Oh, if you were filling with blueberry juice, I would roll you around like the Oompa Loompas so bad, I'd do the squeezing myself. Just let me add some more to myself."

Lindsay put the hose back in her mouth for the final time. Her final ballooning made her jeans rip off her body, leaving her in her Victoria's Secret black panties, and her tight tank-top, which was very wet, hugging the top of her belly and her EE size breasts, which you could almost see due to her shirt being wet. But her belly was a sight to see. If you measured it, it would be about 80 to 85 inches around. For someone not the size of a human blimp like her new lover Hilary Duff, she could've been mistaken for one of the biggest pregnant woman you'd ever seen. But she was a beautiful pregnant-looking woman. Amazingly, only her belly bloated up, a little in her breasts, barely any in her butt, and nothing anywhere else. She finally took the hose out of her own mouth, and placed it in Hilary's, not before kissing her, and letting her expand as large as she wanted.

And both of them loved their new lives, turning their hatred to their common hidden fetish. After all, why do you think Lindsay intended on blowing up Hilary in the first place? She just got lucky Hilary felt the same way. These were the real confessions of two teenage drama queens.

Belly/body expansion including Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff.
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40laam Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
This is the story that got me onto this site. Awesome story, definitely one of my favorites.
torc123456789 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2010
This is simply amazing, thqt was the best belly expansion ive ever read, and im a breast expansion fan! That was incredible!!! nice job, i hope ure proud, i wud be
OptimusPassionGirl Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2008
oh can you do a animation on this?
HeyLookItsSomeDude Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2008
I can't do any animation haha. I wrote this story years ago, at least three. I never knew it was even popular haha.
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I remember this story being on Stormr's Zone. I love the rivalry between these two.
Ifrit-7 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2007  Hobbyist Artist
Well done :) I couldn't help imagining Lindsay Lohan speaking with the voice they use on Robot Chicken for her :D
ichigo30 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2007
(bowing) you a brillent man
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